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/* darkstat: a network traffic analyzer
 * (c) 2001-2003, Emil Mikulic.

/* string buffering for web interface */

#ifndef __CONTENT_H
#define __CONTENT_H

#include "darkstat.h"

typedef struct {
      char *buf;
      dword pool, used;
} content;

/* feel free to fiddle with these values */
#define CONTENT_POOL_START 30000
#define CONTENT_POOL_GROW 60000

inline content *c_new(void);
void c_delete(content **c);
inline void c_appendsl(content *c, const char *str, const int length);
inline void c_appends(content *c, const char *str);
void c_appendf(content *c, const char *format, ...);


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